Note: This sun-burst chart depicts emissions of the IPPU sector only.
Industrial energy is a part of the Energy sector and is included in the Energy sector sun-burst chart.

Emissions Estimates

Industry Sector

The IPPU sector contributes approximately 7% to India’s total GHG emissions. The sectoral emissions have been developed using a systematic approach of assessing a wide range of fuel consumption, industrial process, and product use from more than two lakh industrial units.

The emissions have been estimated across 16 sub-sectors including chemicals and fertilizers, food and beverages, machinery, metals and mining, textile, etc. The data trend, disaggregated at the sub-sector level, can inform policymakers and industries to improve energy efficiency and emission intensity. Emissions related to captive power generation within the industry have not been accounted for, as those get reported under the electricity and energy sector.

The lead sector partner for Industry Sector Emissions Estimates is the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW).

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Citation as: Ganesan, K; Biswas, T; Gupta, V; Janakiraman, D (2022)Greenhouse Gases Emissions of India (subnational estimates): Manufacturing Sector (2005-2018 series) dated September 01, 2022, Retrieved from:

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Phase IV emissions estimates at the end of this page. Phases III to I emissions estimates sheets are under the” resources tab”.

IPPU Emissions 2005 to 2018


Industrial Energy Emissions 2005 to 2018


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