About SEEG

The System for Estimation of Greenhouse Gases Emissions (SEEG) is a consortium that estimates GHG emissions developed originally as an initiative by the Climate Observatory, a Brazilian network of NGOs dedicated to the climate agenda.

Since its first edition in 2013, SEEG has achieved the goal of presenting comprehensive GHG emissions estimates for Brazil, at an online database with free access to researchers, journalists, decision-makers and the public in general. The SEEG data for Brazil includes emissions from 1970 to 2014 related to all segments of the national economy, all the GHG emissions reported in the national inventory, with dis-aggregation of the information at state level.

Based on this successful experience in Brazil, SEEG made available the SEEG methodology for possible adoption by organisations working in other geographies. The first initiative, was by a group of researchers from Peru, which published the first estimations for the period 1990-2013 in May 2015.

Inspired by the Brazilian and Peru experience, a few civil society organisations in India invited the SEEG team to New Delhi to share their experience in April 2015, which resulted in the formation of the GHG Platform-India.

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