An Indian Civil Society Initiative to Understand India's GHG Emission Estimates

An Indian Civil Society Initiative to Understand India's GHG Emission Estimates

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Energy sector emission estimations have been analysed from energy production and use in the Electricity Generation, Transportation and Other (Residential, Commercial, Agriculture and Fisheries) sectors. Together these constitute over 78% of India's emissions in 2015. Emissions from energy use in fuel production (mining and refineries) have been reported in Industry but fugitive emissions have been reported in Energy, as per IPCC 2006 guidelines.

The data used has been sourced from public sources to the extent possible. Assumptions and methodologies have been made transparent for further analysis outside the India GHG Platform. The exercise forms the basis to measure India's climate performance and stimulate data-driven policy decisions.

The lead sector partner for Energy Sector Emissions Estimates is the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy.

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Citation as: Mohan, R.R., Dharmala, N., Ananthakumar, M. R., Kumar, P., Bose, A. (2019). Greenhouse Gas Emission Estimates from the Energy Sector in India at the Sub-national Level (Version/edition 2.0). New Delhi. GHG Platform India Report - CSTEP. Available at: [Accessed Day, Mo., Year]

In instances where economywide estimates have been used from the GHG Platform India website, the recommended citation is “GHG platform India 2005-2015 Sub-National Estimates: 2005-2015 Series”

Disclaimer: The data used for arriving at the results of this study is from published, secondary sources, or wholly or in part from official sources that have been duly acknowledged. The veracity of the data has been corroborated to the maximum extent possible. However, the GHG Platform India shall not be held liable and responsible to establish the veracity of or corroborate such content or data and shall not be responsible or liable for any consequences that arise from and / or any harm or loss caused by way of placing reliance on the material(s) and information displayed and published on the website or by further use and analysis of the results of this study.

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