An Indian Civil Society Initiative to Understand India's GHG Emission Estimates

An Indian Civil Society Initiative to Understand India's GHG Emission Estimates

About Us


Who we are & what we are trying to do

The GHG Platform – India is a collective civil-society initiative providing an independent estimation and analysis of India’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across key sectors such as energy, waste, industry, agriculture, livestock, forestry, and land-use and land-use change sectors. The platform includes notable institutions such as CEEW, C-STEP, ICLEI SA, Vasudha Foundation, and WRI India in addition to a few sectoral experts in their individual capacity. The platform was jointly conceptualised by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation and Vasudha Foundation. Vasudha foundation also acts as the Secretariat of the Platform.

The platform currently hosts national estimates for GHG emissions from 2007-2012 by accounting CO2, CH4 and N2O gases. Going forward, the platform proposes to provide sub-national GHG emission estimates while simultaneously expanding the time-series for the national estimates. The platform will also undertake relevant analytical assessments to inform policy design and evaluation. The database produced and maintained by the platform is available in the public domain to enable third-party use, which is actively encouraged.

GHG Platform - India draws its inspiration from a similar civil society initiative in Brazil, the "System for Estimation of Emissions of GHG" (SEEG). It is an excellent example of South-South Cooperation, where in the India Platform has been enriched by the Brazilian experience and benefited from their technical inputs.